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Background Check: A general technique to build more reliable and versatile classifiers

Miquel Perello-Nieto, Telmo de Menezes e Silva Filho, Meelis Kull and Peter Flach

We introduce a powerful technique to make classifiers more reliable and versatile. Background Check equips classifiers with the ability to assess the difference of unlabelled test data from the training data. In particular, Background Check gives classifiers the capability to (i) perform cautious classification with a reject option; (ii) identify outliers; and (iii) better assess the confidence in their predictions. We derive the method from first principles and consider four particular relationships between background and foreground distributions.

Supplementary Material

We have created an appendix with supplementary material containing the mathematical proofs, algorithms and extended explanations for figures and tables (see this pdf file).

Slides ICDM 2016


We have created a series of tutorials in Python and Jupyter Notbook format that introduces the motivation of Background Check and how to apply in different situations.

  1. Introduction to background check
  2. How to perform background check
  3. Cautious classification


The code for Background Check and for the experiments submitted to ICDM-2016 has been created by Miquel Perelló Nieto (@perellonieto) and Telmo de Menezes e Silva Filho (@tmfilho).

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If you are having problems executing the experiments or the tutorials, do not hesitate to open an issue or contact us.